Content marketing services

Reach and convert your audience with targeted, answerable content

Build your brand, traffic and revenue with content that answers your audience’s questions.

The content strategy process

Answerable content that converts your audience into customers

By creating targeted, answerable content that speaks directly to your audience’s needs and questions, you can capture their attention at the critical moment before they make a buying decision.

My content strategy process targets the various stages of the audience’s research process to nurture customers towards conversion.

1. Audience research

I’ll draw on your knowledge of your customers, search data, trends and competitor research to understand what information your audience is looking for and where they search for it.

2. Journey mapping

By analysing audience research data, I’ll pinpoint the distinct stages of your customers’ research process on a given topic, so we can effectively target them at each stage.

3. Content briefing

I’ll create in-depth content briefs to ensure content is optimised for your audience and search engines. Each content piece will have a predefined goal that aligns with your business KPIs.

4. Content production

I’ll work with my partner copywriters and creatives or with your in-house team to scale content production.

What you’ll get

What you can expect when we work together

My content strategy process will create answerable content that achieves specific business goals and targets your audience at different stages of their buying journey.

This includes strategic copy, well-placed calls to action and relevant micro-conversions to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into customers.

Expertly crafted articles for your audience and search engines

Answerable content that your audience resonates with

Content production aligned with business goals and KPIs

Content curated to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into customers

Other content marketing projects

Other projects to help you grow

I can also work on the below content projects in isolation and provide you with specialist deep-dive deliverables.

Audience research

I’ll draw on your knowledge of your customers, search data, trends and competitor research to understand what information your audience is looking for and where they search for it.

Content gap analysis

I’ll analyse your existing content and identify gaps in topics related to your audience’s buying journey, ultimately increasing traffic and better nurturing your customers towards conversion.

Content auditing

I’ll comb through your data and identify opportunities to make your content more answerable to your audience and better optimised for search engines, leading to increased traffic and revenue.

Search feature optimisation

I’ll optimise your content to capture search features like featured snippets, increasing the real estate you have in search results and traffic.


Frequently asked questions

Having trouble finding the answer you need? No worries! Feel free to reach out to get the conversation started!

This will depend on a few things:

  • The detail and depth of the content strategy we’ve agreed to
  • The complexity of your industry/niche
  • Unique considerations for your business and goals
  • Your budget and timelines

Generally speaking, the turnaround time for the audience research piece will be around 3 – 6 weeks. This will highlight all the relevant topics that you can produce content about.

Once the audience research piece is complete, we can work together to decide what topics we want to focus on and follow through with the rest of the content strategy process.

This will depend on a few factors.

However, I recommend that we work together for at least 9 – 12 months so that we can scale content production and demonstrate the return on investment.

Notably, content may take a few months to start seeing traction and 9 – 12 months to understand the return on investment.

Producing a good return on investment is often aligned with consistently publishing high-quality content over a long enough period and learning what’s effective in your specific market.

No. I don’t personally write the content.

I use a trusted pool of copywriters with experience writing compelling content optimised for your audience and search engines.

They will write content:

  • Aligned with the business goals set out in the brief
  • That’s extensively researched
  • In your brand tone and voice
  • That appeals to your audience
  • Technically and topically sound

However, I review every piece of written content to ensure it aligns with the content brief that I put together.

While the copywriters I work with conduct extensive research to understand an industry and topic, we recognise that certain topics may require the expertise of a specialist to ensure accuracy and quality.

In these instances, we’ll either closely work with a subject matter specialist in your business or look to outsource the content to an expert on the topic.

Absolutely. Not only do I want to become a trusted and valuable extension of your team, but to achieve the best return on investment, it’s important to amplify and leverage content across different channels.

Yes. I can work with your in-house copywriters to publish content.

However, in this scenario, I’ll assign more time to brief, support and review written content to ensure high standards are achieved.

Yes. If we work together on a retainer basis, I’ll report monthly on the following as a minimum:

  • Business KPIs, such as traffic, conversions and revenue
  • Micro-conversions tied to content, such as newsletter sign-ups and commercial page visits
  • Organic search KPIs, such as clicks

After the initial onboarding process and gaining a better understanding of your business and goals, we can work together to produce a tailored report.

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